Do you ever consider, what fitness is and if you are fit enough

Do you ever consider, what fitness is and if you are fit enough

Definition given by United States Department of Health and Human Services clearly explains that fitness (related to the physical condition) is such set of attributes that relates to the ability to perform some kind of physical activity. So, if this definition is related to the physical activity, is this possible to talk about mental fitness as well? Short answer is: yes. Physical fitness is only a part of general good wellbeing and fitness at all does not have to be related only to physical performance, but also can be identify with possibilities to achieve some goals, for example, at work, while you are a white-collar worker.

The very next question you can have must sound: how to achieve a state of fitness and how to make sure about your excellent wellbeing? Well, this is very easy to answer and only slightly harder to execute. In order to keep your body in good condition, you need to do three things: eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly. Let us start from the beginning of our short list.
What does it mean – eating well – and why so many people disobey this simple rule?

Eating well does not mean to eat so much and as you could not move anymore after your food. And does not mean to eat fatty, junk food you can easily get from fast food restaurants. In your town, there are many such places. But you do not have to use them, if you really consider to be more fit. The best way to eat well is cooking. Yes, truth is – this consume your time. But after all, you can eat high quality meal, produced by you, far tastier than any meal offered in numerous restaurants you can use in centre. Another very important thing to remember is a place where you buy your veggies and fruits. Do not buy them in supermarkets! Just imagine, what your healthy food could contain inside, if you buy it from big supermarkets, where you see the same fruits for days on shelves.

Or veggies. Just think – supermarket imports many veggies and fruits from distant countries. It has a long way to finally find on shelves. How come does it look so ripe and mature? Smart transport assistants very often add some chemicals, like growth hormones, to completely green and freshly picked fruits and veggies. This, what you finally get, can contain extra chemical substances, what can only burden your organism and evoke side effects in form of allergies. And this is only one example of many. What should you do, when you go for shopping to buy some really fresh and healthy products is to go to the market, where you can get seasonal veggies and fruits, freshly picked from surrounding your town farms. This is much healthier habit than buying things in supermarket and you can be surprised by the taste of plants bought on the market.

Next important thing – sleeping well – is not too hard to explain quickly and efficiently. Your organism adapts better when you live during the day and sleep during the night. Scientists long time ago proved that the best time to go to bed is between 10 pm and 12 pm. And necessarily you should get 8 hours of continuous sleep. Only in this way you can really feel rested and full of energy from the morning. So, if you want to be fit mentally, try to avoid late times to go to bed. Do not talk over the phone when bedtime is near, do not watch movies trying to postpone in time right moment to go to bed, do not talk to your friends. Switch your computer, TV, your phone and try to have a good rest at right time. If, initially, you will struggle with falling asleep, you may read a book, but do not try to use electronic devices! Another fact is that all kinds of working devices, producing fake lights, are in many cases the cause of insomnia and problems with sleeping. Instead of using such things, try to read a real book, or listen to the classical music from the radio.

Third thing we will talk about is the most exciting, especially if you used to do some exercising in your past, but for some reasons you did not find time to continue. Eating, sleeping and physical activities – these factors are not only for keeping you in good body condition, but also to keep you in good mood, so they have major influence on your mental wellbeing. Such daily routine helps you to organise your day to every single minute, and remember, that during the day you have only 1 440 minutes to use, so make sure you are spending a really good time. But, coming back to the point – physical activities are proved to deliver more energy and are keeping you focused and motivated. Moreover, this kind of pastime can boost your immune system and make you more flexible like a cat.

Actually you have an enormous choice of the things you can do as physical activities. You can go to the gym and use special equipment, build your muscles, or lose some weight. You can also go for team games, such as volleyball or basketball, maybe rugby or football, or choose something completely challenging, like wall climbing. The most important thing is to practice regularly, at least 2-3 times a day for about one hour, however, if you will really like what you will be doing, then maybe you decide to spend even more time on your new hobby. And then again – try not to exaggerate and have some breaks between.

Do you ever consider, what fitness is and if you are fit enough
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