The costs of healthy food

The costs of healthy food

In the most popular media like Internet or TV you can hear that healthy products are expensive. That’s why 90% percent of community prefer to buy high processed food. And that’s not true. The scientist says that people who eat healthy, spend less money for food per month.

So you can save some money, if you decide to start diet.

Which products are really healthy?

If you want to live and eat healthy, you should avoid products, which are named “slim” or “fit”. The truth is this products very often consist of simple sugars. This fact make this products caloric. It mainly pertain to products like: cornflakes, juices and bread stuff. You shouldn’t eat too many fruits. They consist of water and sugars (fructose and others). Dietitian says that person on diet should eat one maximum two portions per day. But don’t worry. You can substitute it with vegetables.

How to eat?

If you want to lose or keep weight, you should avoid eating too many carbohydrates at the morning and evening. It is called carbohydrates fasting. People are often tired after a few hours after they wake up. This is happening, because level of sugar in their blood are growing very fast and after a few hours it’s going down. This is the situation, when people often feel tired and uncomfortable. Don’t make this mistake. The best time of the day to eat carbohydrates is before your training and after that. Your body during high insensitivity exercises need a lot of energy. You should supply it as fast as you can. If you calculate calories, you should part by evenhandedly. For example if you eat 2000 calories per day, your on should have about 400 calories. It will keep your metabolism on a high level and you are going to feel much better. This way of eating is good for people, who are suffering because of problems with stomach.

Water is the key to your success!

Human consist in 70 percentage of water. It helps our organism to get rid of pollution. Normal person should drink 2l of clean water every day. This value could change. Of course if temperature outside are growing, you should drink more water. The same situation take place if you are very active person. If you are going to do a high insensitivity exercises, it is a good idea to take a small bottle of water (0, 5l – 1l). Human body lose about 2, 5l of liquids every day. Dehydration could be dangerous, especially during the summer. If you don’t supply enough water to your organism during the training, you can feel tired and exhausted faster than usual. So don’t dehydrate yourself! People who are on a diet should remember that body will reduce level of fat, only if it is irrigating enough.

Salt – everything you have to know about it

If you want to eat healthy, you should avoid add salt to your normal meal. In WHO standards there is an information that normal person should eat about 5 grams (one spoon) salt per day. Real consumption is about 200% bigger. Many high processed products consist of, among other things, a big portion of salt. It is also a natural ingredient of some natural products. When you prepare your meal, try to substitute salt by other spices. This substance is a reason of many illnesses like: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure. You can see that there is no need to eat too much salt.

How many grams of proteins should be in diet?

Proteins are important for an active person and for the person, who doesn’t do any sports. Standard portion of protein for a normal person is about 2 gram of protein per kilogram of body mass. For example if are 80 kilograms heavy, you should eat 160 grams of protein per day. This value could change, depends if you are going to grow your muscle mass or not. The best sources of high quality proteins are: eggs, chicken breast and fat fishes. You should be aware of eating too much meat. You should reduce consumption of meat to 2 times per week. If you are experienced on training, or there is no possibility to eat enough proteins during your normal day, you can start thinking about buy some supplements. Your body needs more energy to digest 1 gram of proteins, than 1 gram of carbohydrates. That’s why when you supply enough proteins to your organism, there’s a possibility that your body reduce the level of fat faster.

Daily activity will lest you stay fit

You should also remember about daily activity. You can start running or playing some team sports. Maybe you decide to gain some muscles. Research show that doing any activity during the day will help you avoid many illness. In addition you are going to have a better frame of mind.
If you are going to lose weight, high insensitivity exercises may make your skin (mainly on stomach and arms) more flexible.

Any changes in your daily diet should be entered slowly to your life. Make yourself a small challenges. For example you can challenge you to not add sugar to tea or coffee for a week. It’s a big chance that you resign adding sugar. In the next week you can try not to eat anything when you watching TV.

The costs of healthy food
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