Exercises for a perfect belly

Exercises for a perfect belly

Perfect belly is the dream of every woman. Especially now, when spring is coming and it would be nice to be able to present you slim. Whether the objective has to be difficult? How much and what to practice, to have a flat stomach? Thanks to my advice and you will be able to boast an excellent piece.

Exercise is best to start from today. Only the regularity of the guarantee expected by us. To have a beautiful belly does not simply doing exercises for the abdomen. However, you should start from them. Simply 12-15 minutes of exercise a day to improve the shape of the abdomen. Exercises you can do at home or at the gym.

The abdominal rectus is the muscle that connects the base of the ribs with the bone. The stomach does not work on a large hinge. Abdominal muscle collapses as earthworm when he touches. Therefore, traditional doing crunches misses the target. The abdominal muscles then remain at rest and not twist. Raising the body to the seat works well only on the muscles responsible for bending your hips. People, even practicing and making sure your diet, make often very substantial errors. They cause, that they do not see the effects of your workouts.

Quality is important, and no amount of exercise. Exercise for tummy probably already met everyone. For the first time probably in school physical education classes. Mindless exercise does not result in any effect. For example, take the Crouch or a step we need to focus. Why can’t we do this with exercises for the abdominal muscles?

Exercises for tummy treat in the same way as for example, the stride or squat. Concentrate and try to execute them as most carefully. Firmly spin out abdominal muscles at the point of maximum flexion for each repetition. It is necessary to make progress. Take care also of obliques and abdominal gear. They are as important as muscles easy. Very important when exercising the abdominal muscles are the back muscles. Sometimes before work on the belly, it is necessary to strengthen the muscle associated with the backs.

Very important with exercises for the abdominal muscles is also a proper diet. Excess fat makes the muscles cease to be visible. It is necessary to reduce body fat. Will help in the proper diet and cardio training. For this type of training include the following activities: bike, skate, pool, nordic walking, treadmill or walking.

It is necessary to eating foods rich in the correct protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. You should consume natural and unprocessed products. It is best to prepare it yourself at home. It is very important to a healthy breakfast. To properly eat well before and after your workout. Avoid fast food, instant meals, lunches with frozen foods and sauces type fix.

To build a hard and well sculpted abdomen is necessary determination. There is no magic, only prolonged physical effort, will allow us to achieve dream goal. You should also keep the proper nutritional plan. Check whether the proposed by me exercise will produce results.

Each workout consists of 3 circuits, that is, 3 exercises performed one after another in the order listed. After a circuit is 60 seconds. Exercise should be repeated 12 times each.

The first exercise is lifting the pelvis in lying on his back, or snapping knees to chest. It consists in the fact that the feet and knees gently hold above the Earth then we attract the knee to the chest lifting the buttocks from the mats. At the time the largest muscle tension, we exhale and return to the starting position.

The second exercise are bending the torso with their feet up. Initial position: Hands at Temple, splayed elbows back, legs up. We breathe out, later a slow movement raise shoulders. We are trying to do the strong movement rolling inwards. At the time the largest muscle tension, we exhale and return to the starting position. Do not touch the back mat.

The third exercise is lifting the pelvis in lying. We rely on the forearm, the whole body in a straight line, the pelvis up, feet based on the background. Strong motion we output the buttocks up. At the time the largest muscle tension, we exhale and return to the starting position. Exercise we do on two pages.

What are the most common mistakes with exercises for the abdominal muscles? The first one for sure is a workout made exclusively from crunches and danger in order. Muscles quickly get used to this type of exercise and does not become stronger. The second mistake is to train every day, because this leads to muscle fatigue. Other inappropriate behaviors is to avoid the cardio and strengthening other muscle groups. It is also worth mentioning the fateful diet or use dieting alone.

If you with commitment and determination was given by me, cared about nutrition, then surely you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful, flat belly. Other women will envy you. Spend a few minutes a day for exercise in the abdomen, to enjoy a great effect. It works! Try itself or with the help of a personal trainer. This can help you a lot.

Exercises for a perfect belly
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