Healthy lifestyle often means changing your nutrition and sleeping habits

If you feel like you do not have much energy when you wake up – it is a high time to change something in your life. First of all – you should start from introducing healthy food system into your life. This basically means quitting or restricting meals you eat out, because many of them are not healthy at all. We are not saying that all the dishes you can consume in restaurants is not healthy, but you should pay more attention where you eat and what you eat.

Definitely – you should resign from fast food chained restaurants. Food you can get there almost has no values good for your health at all, but contain plenty of chemicals, stabilisers, is frying on oils being used many times to produce accurate amount of food for the restaurant’s customers. The most healthier meals are those cooked on your own at home. Also, before you cook, you can have a proper insight into ingredients you want to much, as well as additional substances added and mentioned on the products’ labels. When you shop, try to avoid products containing stabilisers, aspartame, sugars, any kind of E-substances. These E-(put a number in there) substances are proved to cause asthma, allergies and very often lead to other health disasters and diseases. So, when you shop, you have a choice and more influence on what you really eat. And as saying is going – you are what you eat. So, eat in healthy way.

When you are cooking, do not add unnecessarily amounts of salts to your meals. A pinch will be just about to be fine – it will boost a little bit taste. If you like distinctive taste, better is to add some herbs. You can buy dried up, packed into small packets, in any supermarket or on the market, you can also grow herbs on your own and place them onto windowsills at your home (sometimes they smell very nice and are really good to add some extra decorative visual effects to your home, so their benefits are connected not only with their taste).

Some herbs you can use to make a special digestive teas, an epitome is pepper mint. Humans were using herbs a long, long time ago from now and this is the reason why we should continue this good practice – they do not do any harm, but can help to strengthen taste of your meals and eventually boost your immune system.

While cooking, try to cook often and not too much. You should eat 3 main courses during the day and make sure that the gap time between them is no longer than 4 to 5 hours. If you are wondering why, I am going to explain you the reason. When you are starving, first thing what your organism is doing is releasing stored energy in form of fats, but then is trying to store even more. Glucose in your blood is being changed into fats and stored as fat tissues.

This will cause in gaining more weight and few more inches around your waist – so, if you want to avoid such situation, just keep regular eating, and often cook your meals. If you get hungry in the meantime make sure you have some light snacks available to you at any time – it could be raisins, nuts, fruits, such as apples, bananas and so on. Also, you can drink plenty of water – it will fill up your stomach and makes you less hungry, but this is also cheating and may result in storing more calories as fats in your body.

Drinking plenty of water is really fine idea if you struggle from the beginning when you will start introducing new nutrition habits into your life. But you should remember to keep meals regularity. To water, especially from the morning, you can add cut lemons and a teaspoon of honey – it will help to eat less during all day and it will prevent you from eating too much between meals. On average, we should drink at least 2 litres of clear water – this prevents us from dehydration and assume proper water retention in organism. Thanks to this good practice we can avoid headaches, rushes on our skin and others.

Very important is also to change your sleeping habits. If you stay long and do not go to bed before midnight, you should not be surprised, that the following day you will wake up completely without energy. And if you will continue this bad practice, you are prone even to come down with depression. And then it will be a huge problem. Good practice is to go to bed, according to the specialists, between 10 pm and 12 pm and wake up after 7 or 8 hours.

Not saying, that if you follow this advice you will see that suddenly you are able to do more things with ease during the day. Before you go to bed, if you so fat used to sleep rather in the morning than in the night, you may find hard to introduce new sleeping habit into life, but there are some tips we can give you – first: switch off all your electronical devices. Do not keep laptop or your phone next to you when you want to sleep. Do not leave lights on. First few nights may cause some difficulties, but when you get used to it, you will reveal a real source of energy and creativity.

So, to keep yourself healthy and full of energy, all what you need to do is to start cooking, instead of using restaurants services and change your sleeping habits.

Healthy lifestyle often means changing your nutrition and sleeping habits
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