How to become a fitness trainer

How to become a fitness trainer

Fitness instructor can be anyone. Just the right amount of money and a lot of desire to work. It’s frustrating for people who love physical activity. For fans sitting all day on the couch, I propose a different career. How long does it take a fitness instructor course? How long does it take? What are its costs? What to look for when choosing a school?

Our goal is to become a fitness instructor. What you should do? First you need to find the right company, Club or school. Let’s see what is the atmosphere in this place, the level of activities and that after finishing the course we receive documents that will entitled our professional fitness instructor.

Fitness instructor can be anyone. The condition is worshipping of physical activity, good physical condition and athletic body. You should also have a very well developed personal skills. The coach has above all to transmit his knowledge to others. You must be personally involved in the exercise. To motivate participants more than the book, the theoretical knowledge.

Fitness instructor course looks like? First of all, classes can take anywhere from a few to several months. Often, to be adopted on the activities required is proof of at least half a year to participate in fitness classes and a medical certificate about the lack of contraindications to exercise the profession trainer. At the time of the activities should be talking about this as a way to address how to adjust physical activity moves to the music, how to sort it exercises and match them to the age group, with whom we will lead. This way, we have the knowledge, you should have each instructor.

The instructor is also a choreographer. Invented by it systems must play, compose the music, and at the same time, to model the individual parts of the body. And even if someone went to the fitness club three years of not being able to lead well. The right course is the thing here definitely necessary.

As a fitness trainer have to all the time to get additional training and gain new knowledge, skills. It is necessary in this profession. It is after some time to think about getting a specific specialization. You can complete the special courses, for example, step, aerobic dance, body hall.

The first degree of the course is to get the license (C). It happens that next to the practical block, school introduces the theoretical range of the physiology of exercise, proper nutrition and supplementation.
In the field of fitness, you can get permission of motor recreation instructor specialties aerobics, fitness-modern forms of gymnastics, fitness-exercise power, fitness-exercise psychophysical or fitness-jogging.

Where you can complete the course? Fortunately, we have a pretty big choice in this matter. We can do it in any Academy of physical education in the Polish Academy of Sport, in the IFAA-International Fitness Academy & aerobics. We can try in one close to our location of the University. It may be also a company or Club, as I mentioned earlier. Note that if we receive the relevant documents, entitling us to practice fitness instructor.

How to choose the right school? Note who teaches and what is experienced. The most famous fitness instructors have high rates for classes with them, but pay off is certainly in the future. Besides, let’s see if we get at the end of the course the relevant documents and that we will receive a certificate of the national Aerobics Instructor License from a given identification number.

The instructor should have an individual approach to the people participating in the course. Should be able to motivate them to exercise. Select settings, which will not be affected by serious injuries. First of all you must practice together with the participants.

What is the price of the course? Ranges from $400 to as much as $1300 depending on the city.

How to find a job after the course? As in any profession, and here without relevant experience is hard. And experience this too is not a simple matter. However, it is best to catch in a small Club, because in large no experience has no chance.

Last question. How much money does an instructor? It depends on the city and the reputation of the instructor. are amounts from 30 to 100 zł per hour. That’s a lot and at the same time, because the instructor who conducts its business, must pay for the hiring of the gym.

In this profession the most important are: passion, experience, good physical condition, hearing music and a huge commitment. Remember also that the fitness instructor is working primarily with people. You have to like them, because otherwise you’re going to get tired. You must also have a basic knowledge of human anatomy, not to hurt anyone. Not everyone can perform each exercise and this should be taken into account when determining the choreography. I wish you the best of luck in your career fitness instructor. A very pleasant occupation. In accordance with the principle of do what you love, and you will never have to work.

How to become a fitness trainer
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