How to create your ABS visible? The best exercises.

How to create your ABS visible? The best exercises.

The most important thing that you have to remember is healthy and balanced accordingly diet

Even if you grow your muscle in this area of the body, it still could be cover by fat. That’s why you have to remember about a diet. It should consist of healthy products like: dairy products ( attention on allergy on lactose!), healthy fats and complex carbohydrates ( mainly vegetables). You have to also remember about minus calories in your diet. Your body won’t be able to lose weight if you eat too much calories. Optimal speed of losing weight is about 0, 5-1 kilogram per week. This will keep your skin more flexible after slimming and you can make your stomach muscles visible.

Not only sit-ups!

Muscles in the area of stomach will grow, if they have more than one stimulus. So you cannot do only sit-ups to make your stomach slim and more attractive on the beach. You have to combine a few exercises. That will give you the best effects. Many sportsmen have a six-pack and they never do exercises on that muscles. This is often very often because stomach muscles assist during many and many activities during the day. So besides of regular training your stomach you should go for a walk from time to time or start running. Also team plays will be good. Basketball or soccer – every activity will help you reduce level of fat in your body.

The best exercises in home

The first exercise is quite easy, even if you are rookie. Everything you have to do is to put yourself on the floor. Then put your elbows along the torso. Legs have to be in position like you are going to make classical pumps. Now raise your trunk and hold that position for about one minute. (If you can’t, stay as much as you can). This exercise affect not only on stomach muscles, but also on back, arms and legs muscles. The pros of this exercise are: you don’t need any equipment and it’s easy. You can encourage your friends and family to do the training with you. You will be more motivated.

Make sure the surface is not slickly. It will let you avoid some bad injury.

TIP: You can use a small flexible ball to do this exercise. It could be helpful especially for beginners and it will make your skin more flexible and sappy.

Next exercise, which you can do in your home, is called “bicycle”. Put yourself on the floor like you are going to do normal sit-ups. Now start simulating riding a bike. Do it until you feel like exhausted. Then repeat this exercise about two, or three times. That should be enough. Remember, during this exercise rest of your body should be lying on the floor. Do not rise your torso to your legs. It makes the whole exercise less effective.

At the end of your training you can finally do sit-ups. But there is some rules, which you have to obey, if you want to make this exercise effective.
Your legs should be winded up in regard to your torso. You should rise yourself very slowly. Let your stomach muscles working! If you do sit-ups too fast, the whole exercise will be useless. You cannot move your torso by a force of habit. There is a lot of versions and ways to do this exercise. You can use something heavy and put it on your stomach. You can also twist your torso during sit-ups and try to touch your knee. Every modification could make exercise more difficult, but it also give you bigger effect.

Exercise for stomach muscles in the gym.

Near 100% of gyms and fitness clubs are equipped by machines to exercise. You can use them to make your stomach muscles growing, but you have to follow the instructions. In the next part of this articles you can read about the most popular exercises, which are good both beginners and people, who have some experience in the gym.

Raising your legs lying down on the skew small bench.

This exercise is quite easy to do. All you have to do is to lie down on the bench, grab handle above and start raising your legs to your torso. You should remember about speed of exercise. Everything should be done very slowly. Only in this way the whole exercise will be effective. The series of this exercise should consist of 10 to 12 times. You should do 3 or 4 series.

Raising your legs with linchpin’s help.

Put your arms on the linchpin. Make sure you are comfortable with that. Now very slowly try to touch your knees to stomach and slowly put your legs on the floor again. Make that 5 to 10 times in 3 or 4 series.

Bends torso holding rope of the machine.

Choose the charge and put the stick into the right pin in the machine. Now kneel and grab the rope above. Now pull it and try to touch the floor. Do it about 6 times in 3 series. It should be enough for a beginner person. You can add some charge, if you feel that this exercise is too easy.

Let your muscles rest

Attitude to training and balanced diet, the most important thing to create your muscles strong and big is regeneration. You should sleep about 8 hours every day. Make sure that you have break between training of every part of the body. You should train your stomach muscles 1 or 2 times per week. That’s maximum, if you want to see some progress.

How to create your ABS visible? The best exercises.
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