Proper food is good not only for your body, but primarily for your mental health

Proper food is good not only for your body, but primarily for your mental health

In order to keep yourself in health there are some products you should definitely restrict or even completely give up. Among these products we can mention pizza, burgers, meals containing many fats, like spaghetti carbonara and so on. The rule is that health food you won’t get from fast food restaurants – you can get it by making meals on your own. In the following list you will find some useful tricks allowing you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Things to do be done before you attempt to cook.

Check what you need to cook particular meal. Check, what do you have in your own kitchen and make a list of things you need to buy. You can use mobile application and handle all organisation issues in this way. Of course, list does not mean you have to buy only those products you have written but it will help you to not forget about the most important healthy ingredients. Before you go for shopping, do not let yourself to be hungry, because this may add unexpected items to your cart, very often among them you will find not healthy at all. At supermarket or during your visit at the market try to choose more greens – vegetables and fruits over other products. Natural food will help you to your immune system and in result you will get ill less frequently. Also, if you have a choice to choose between canned and frozen food – try to use those from the fridge over the cans.

Frozen goods are healthier than put into aluminium cans products. Another rule when you shopping is to avoid those products, whenever possible, containing chemicals labelled E-something. They are mostly artificial stabilisers, causing more side effects than providing benefits. Avoid also products containing sugars, like glucose and more complex. Better is to buy those containing fructose over any other. If you are choosing between potatoes and box of mashed, greater choice will be to pick the first of these items.

If you are pondering which bread to choose – pick up always a whole-grained. It is much healthier and will provide you more energy and contains more vitamins. Do not buy sweetened drinks – say “NO” to aspartame and to added sugars. If you feel fancy for something sweet, far healthier is to eat some raisins or nuts. Try to eat products as they naturally grow – do not add too much salt or sugar.

If you consider what is best for you – a pack of pasta or a carton of rice – we can assume you, that there is nothing better than real, brown rice. However, it will take more time to cook it, your organism will get what really deserves.

Oh, and the last thing – sometimes is good to buy in bulk, especially fruits, veggies and frozen goods. You can portion them for next couple of days and organize your meals in more easy way.

2. When you cook

If you just started your first steps in cooking, do not worry if something goes wrong. I mean, if your meal will be little bit burnt, or if boiling water from your pot after few minutes just disappear. There are things what can happen to everyone from time to time. However, make sure, that when you cooking, you have everything under your control, try not to leave your pots on the gas unattended, as they can cause big problems, if water tries to go out of the pot. The best approach is to be in the kitchen all the time when you cook, paying attention for what is going on and ability to quick reacting for unpredictable events. But of course, I am sure, it won’t be that bad.

However, you can experiment with some salt added during the cook time, do not add too much – just get a pinch between your fingers and put it into your pot/on your saucepan. Try to prepare your food as soon as possible and avoid recipes for meals requiring use of many additional fats – like butter, oil. And if you have to use an oil, try to use the olive one – it is not that heavy for our organism, but will add some extra vitamins. Another thing is to give just a little, very little amount of healthy oil on cooked greens, such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and so on. This will prevent from loss of valuable minerals and vitamins. Another effective way to give more taste to your meals is to grow your own herbs. You can place them on an empty windowsill preferably in your kitchen.

Try to eat your meals regularly. Set time for breakfast, lunch, dinner. In the meantime, do not forget to eat something small but nutritious and healthy between meals. It can be mentioned previously nuts, raisins, fruits – like banana, strawberries, or apples. The rule is: 3 main courses and some snacks between. Make sure the gap time between one and another meal will not exceed more than 4 to 5 hours.

There is no point in starving and you cannot cheat your organism, because if you do, your body will store all consumed calories and because of this fact you can get fat. Basically, you need to deliver calories, minerals, and vitamins every day at the same time, keeping regularity and variation in balanced diet. Also, try not to eat too late, before you go to bed – safe time is to eat something small about four to five hours before you sleep. In this way, you are giving a chance to your organism to digest your last meal before bedtime.

Proper food is good not only for your body, but primarily for your mental health
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