You can often hear something in the TV

You can often hear something in the TV

You can often hear something in the TV, or you can read some articles in Internet about people who live more than 100 years. How is this possible? The secret of longevity are a balanced diet and fact that this people doesn’t have many stressful situations. There is no doubts that people in the XXI century are stressed. This may cause many illness including depression. That’s why every person should care take care about health – including you!

A person, who doesn’t do any sport or do it from time to time, should think about supplements containing a lot of proteins. During the normal day organism use proteins to keep normal body functions. It is also used to regenerate. If you want to wake up without any problem – you should eat products, which contains a big portion of proteins. The standard portion for typical adult person is about 1, 6 grams to 2 grams per body mass. In case you won’t be able to supply your body enough portion of proteins – you should buy some supplements. Which supplements should you buy?

List of the best supplements for a not exercising person

Vitamins – this is one of the most important thing in your diet. We distinguishing two groups of vitamins. Vitamins can melt in water or in fats.

Vitamin C – it is a component of bones and teeth. Vitamin C help organism to keep internal organs in a good condition. Deficiency of this ingredient in your diet can cause tiredness, bleeding gums and susceptibility for disease. It can be found on many products like: strawberries, potatoes, cabbage and many more… It is also available in the form of tablets and liquids. It’s the most popular and widespread supplement. People use it to increase their disease-freeness. As you can see – vitamin C if you want to feel better.

Vitamin B5- this vitamin help your organism to keep your nervous system in a good condition. Expect that, you can feel tide of energy and you might have a better humor. This vitamin is recommended specially for a child and teenagers, because of it’s big influence on development of all the body. Vitamin B5 can be found in products like: yeast, eggs, oatmeal, milk, tomatoes, spinach and carrot. You should remember about this ingredient in your daily diet. You won’t regret it.

Vitamin A – thanks to this vitamin you can keep your eyesight and bones healthy. It might help your children to grow up and avoid many illnesses – especially in spring and autumn. Your daily diet should be enriched by a products like: cabbage, spinach, carrots, butter, milk and eggs.
Deficiency of this vitamin could cause a problems with eyesight.

Vitamin K – this ingredient is present in liver and cheese. You should provide this vitamins your body if you want to avoid many problems with your health like bleeding (nose, mouth) or bruises on the whole body.

Of course there are a plenty of vitamins that your body needs to function every day, but vitamins above are the most basic. If you are not able to supply your body by a healthy and balanced diet, most of this vitamins are available as a tablets.

Supplements for an active person

If you are an active person, you are going to need more proteins and carbohydrates in your diet. First of supplement that you can buy to maximum your performance on the gym, is protein isolate. This substance may help to to raise a bigger weight and run faster. Why? A damaged muscles required a lot of proteins to regenerate. Proteins are used by your organism to fill in a micro-damaged, which might appear during a high-insensitivity strength training. Carbohydrates can be found in the popular gainers. Gainers consist of some portion of proteins and portion of carbohydrates. Some gainers could contain other ingredients like BCAA.

You don’t need such supplements if you are not-active person, or if you a beginner in training. This supplements are targeting to people, who have some experience in the gym and want to maximum effects during gaining a muscle mass. It’s important, because if you overuse this supplements, you get stomach problems. If you decide to use protein isolate or gainer, you should start with small doses and increase it systematically. Protein isolate should be taken just after your training and before you go sleep. Muscles are being regenerated by your organism during sleep. Remember that any supplements could substitute balanced diet. Proteins contained in supplements should fill in twenty to thirty percentage of your daily request for this nutritional ingredient.

Useful tip for the rest of your life

Supplements can’t substitute to you a balanced diet and sleep. Remember that only people, whose style of life are healthy, have the best effects and look really good. You should supply your organism on enough portion of proteins by eating products like eggs, white cheese and many many other healthy products. To gain muscle mass or reduce the level of fat in your organism, you should sleep eight to nine hours per day. It’s enough time to your body to regenerate. It makes you feel better the next day and you probably will have a more energy on a training.

You can often hear something in the TV
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